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12 Jan Artist Spotlight: Patricia Boyer

“While drawing free-hand and art has been a passion in her life throughout, Tricia has been inspired over the past 6 months to paint. Her beautiful and colorful acrylic painting began during late sleepless, mind-wondering nights due to the illness and passing of her loved-ones. The passion behind her paintings is knowing that she can make herself and others smile, no matter what each was going through in their lives, be it cancer or depression. She uses the colors to express her feelings and to release her emotions, the colors in her paintings represent her thoughts. Tricia is inspired tremendously by her autistic brother, and daughter who also draw.”

When did you start your career in art? How long have you known you wanted to be an artist?

It started when I was in the 7th grade, my art teacher Ms. Adams saw something in me. Over the years, I became a wife and mother and caregiver and had put painting in the background. As I got older, dear loved ones had passed in my family and I found painting as a way to cope with my grief. I would be up anxiously late at night and painting became my creative outlet.

Describe your aesthetic in 3 words…

Free, Colorful & Bold.

Describe your artistic process and preparation?

Most of the time what causes me to paint is when I see the state of the world, people suffering, sadness, homelessness…painting provides a tranquil mindset to where I can finally be at peace and gives me hope.

Favorite piece you’ve created to date and why?

“Waterfall of Peace” because I was asleep when I had this vision of a waterfall on top of a mountain and that’s what I envisioned for the painting.

Who inspires you personally and/or professionally?

My husband Larry, my nephew Deronald Smith, my children, my grandchildren & family & friends.

Biggest accomplishment to date?

Getting my art in Coffey & Thompson Art Gallery.

Favorite location to create/what is your studio like?

My studio is my laundry room.

A random fact about you?

I’m an empath. I love people!

One thing you couldn’t live without?

My husband.

Your all-time favorite artist and/or your favorite emerging artist?

My favorite all-time artists are Romare Bearden and Andy Warhol.

Name one goal for your career you’d like to achieve in the next 5 years?

I would actually love to be a world-renowned artist and maybe sell a piece of my art to someone famous.

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