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Yearly Archives: 2019

18 Apr Artist Spotlight: Sharon Forthofer

Sharon Forthofer grew up on a farm in northern Indiana. She earned a masters degree in education and taught for 24 years in Indiana. Sharon studied art and oil painting with portrait artists, Cleda Curtis-Neal and Tom Edgerton. She participated in still life, figurative and plein air painting workshops in the United States and in Europe.
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04 Apr Artist Spotlight: J Vernon Art

Like many artists, J Vernon Abernethy’s J Vernon Structures in Art natural sculptures is a labor of love. The emphasis is on labor. Step around one of his bird house installations to see an engaging exchange of telling nature’s story. His works are both for outdoors and indoors. In his latest exhibitions, he has humor mixed into a fairytale magical display where fairies and gnomes exist in his land of enchantment. He personally sparks an interest that tells a story in each of his hand crafted sculpted pieces.
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12 Jan Artist Spotlight: Patricia Boyer

“While drawing free-hand and art has been a passion in her life throughout, Tricia has been inspired over the past 6 months to paint. Her beautiful and colorful acrylic painting began during late sleepless, mind-wondering nights due to the illness and passing of her loved-ones. The passion behind her paintings is knowing that she can make herself and others smile, no matter what each was going through in their lives, be it cancer or depression. She uses the colors to express her feelings and to release her emotions, the colors in her paintings represent her thoughts. Tricia is inspired tremendously by her autistic brother, and daughter who also draw.”
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