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01 Dec SouthEnd Kitchens Design Studio Featuring Artworks from Coffey & Thompson

Coffey & Thompson Art Gallery Frame & Design is pleased to continue its partnership with SouthEnd Kitchens Design Studio for the SouthEnd Gallery Crawl this December. Please join fine art photographers Elise Jokell and Julie Corder representing Coffey & Thompson with their photographs hanging alongside SouthEnd Kitchens Wood-Mode fine cabinetry.

Elise’s background is in drawing and sculpture, and brings storytelling into her photography. She’s studied art in Charlotte, Boston, and Florence, Italy, and then graduated from the New York Institute of Photography. She is always learning, and open and ready to explore new ways to express the individual nature of her subjects with the goal of capturing truth in images, with an artistic eye, whatever form they may take.

Julie is from Columbia, SC and graduated from the SC Governor’s School for the Arts and New York University, as well as studied abroad in Madrid, Spain. Not only is she a photographer, but is also published in both writing and photography for several press organizations. She likes to capture emotion in photographing people and the play of colors when photographing flowers. All her work is done manually on a digital camera. Photography helps her to connect to the world in a positive way. In photographing florals, especially orchids, the miracle of life in Mother Nature and the Science is what intrigues her most. The process is a mysterious journey in which she constantly challenges herself for a positive outcome.

Coffey & Thompson brings new artists to light and SouthEnd Kitchens is always happy to show the amazing images alongside their kitchens and cabinetry from Wood-Mode. Plan to stop by SouthEnd Kitchens Design Studio and view all the beautiful new artwork and speak with designers Catherine and Tracy about how to spruce up your home for the New Year!

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