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01 Aug Pop-Up For Art : An Evening in Spain

“Pop-Up for Art: An Evening in Spain”

Coffey & Thompson Art Gallery, Frame & Design
Fundraiser for Brand the Moth
Thursday, Aug. 10th 6:30pm
1200 S. Graham Street

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The Gold District of Charlotte presents the Artisan’s Palate “An Evening in Spain” at Coffey & Thompson Art Gallery, Frame and Design benefiting Brand the Moth, a non-profit for community arts and education. “An Evening in Spain” is an immersive cultural experience through the Basque, Andalusian and Catalonian regions of Spain, focusing on the food, art and music of those regions. Sponsored by the Gold District and Artisan’s Palate among others, the idea for the fundraiser, “An Evening in Spain”, hatched between artist Sam Guzzie, French-trained chef Christa Csoka, and owner of Coffey & Thompson Art Gallery, Lauri Summers, at the first fundraiser held at Magnolia Emporium back in March. The silent auction raised proceeds to help the small 501(a) non-profit organization Brand the Moth get closer to their dream of becoming a 501c(3) for community arts and education in Charlotte.

Brand the Moth began as a small group of artists working to create and sell handmade and printed works as a collective to facilitate community arts projects in the Gold District of Charlotte. The mission is to bring together local and visiting artists, as well as students and community volunteers, to create a collection of murals that give the arts a united voice. Brand the Moth seeks to change how art is viewed in Charlotte, while representing the people and history of the area, as well as teaching that the arts have a great potential for community togetherness and change.

“An Evening in Spain” is designed to engage all the senses and will include carefully designed cuisine from the 3 regions of Spain, focusing on the food, art and music of those regions. The food is prepared by Artisan’s Palate Chef Christa Csoka and Chef Majid Amoorpour. Drinks that showcase the culture, as well as an integrated presentation of music and art presented by Artisan’s Palate’s Darren Johnson will provide attendees with a fully immersive experience.

Por favor,venemos a Coffey & Thompson por “La Noche de Espana”! Gracias!

~Julie Corder

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