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Monthly Archives: July 2017

26 Jul Coffey & Thompson Impressions

When one walks in the doors to Coffey & Thompson Art Gallery, Frame & Design in the Historic Gold District of South End Charlotte, the walls of hundreds of framing samples behind the counter, as well as the original art hung in the gallery, gives the feeling of history and undeniable impression of artistic intelligence. No wonder Coffey & Thompson has been such a familiar name to Charlotteans since 1946 as not your typical art gallery! Located in the revitalizing South End Neighborhood which has enjoyed beautification and gentrification developments as the City of Charlotte merges into the 21st Century, Coffey & Thompson represents a myriad of artistic mediums, accomplished local, regional and international artists in the world of framing, restoration and original art.

~Julie Corder

26 Jul Q&A with Nellie Ashford, Kevin Harris, Bryan Wilson, and Lucy Warlick

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Meet the artists at the show “Naturally Textured: A Fine Art Exhibition” Friday, August 4th from 5-8pm during the South End Gallery Crawl at Coffey & Thompson Art Gallery, Frame and Design located at 1200 S. Graham Street, Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • Can you describe your artistic process and preparation?

    Nellie Ashford:
    “I am a self-proclaimed folk artist whose work expresses cultural identity, shared community values, and aesthetics. My inspiration comes from the life that surrounds me and memories of my past.
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